About Paul Rose

What began as a passion for beauty and fashion products from countries and cultures around the world, has today become Paul Rose . . . a highly respected brand name founded by husband-and-wife team, Alex and Alex Giambrone. Paul Rose grew from the bringing together of their middle names. 

Today, we are proud to bring only the highest-quality, most unique, and well-priced items right to your door. And as we discover more new, exciting and affordable products, we look forward to adding them to our “shelves” for your enjoyment.

Our newest love? Lashes. Long, luxurious lashes. But Lexi Rose struggled with the time and effort it took to apply them. And it took soooo long for the glue to dry. Definitely not for those who want a professional look, but don’t have the time. That’s when we found our lush Goddess Lash Collection. Now, Lexi Rose isn’t just a lash designer, she’s a customer as well . . . testing and wearing them every day, even in the shower and while sleeping. A testament to both their comfort and durability.

Beauty and elegance from the world to your door. That’s Paul Rose. We look forward to serving you.

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