Paul Rose Lashes FAQ's

Paul Rose Lashes FAQ's

How Long can I wear the Lashes? 

Our lashes are designed to last all day and all night, if they are applied right you can wear them for 18 hours! We have tested our products to make sure that they would last through the work day and your after work date --- to jumping in the hot tub. They STAYED on the whole time! 

To get maximum wear do not touch your eyes/lashes once they are locked in place. If your lashes get wet blot/dab them slightly to get the excess water off and let them try (they're waterproof). 

Can Magnetic Eyeliner damage your eyes or real lashes? 

No, the Magnetic Eyeliner and Adhesive Liner can't hurt your eyes. In fact, everything in our eyeliner's is safe to use. Did you know that magnetic eyeliner is safer than using lash glue? Lash glue has more chemicals and is runny.

Only 2% of magnetic eyeliner wearers have an allergic reaction, or irritation. 

 Your real lashes will not get affected by using our eyeliner's or lashes since they lay above your lash line. You can gently tug on the edge of your Paul Rose Lashes to remove them, they a less harmful then extensions. 

How do you use our Eyeliner and Lashes?

Our lashes are really the quickest way to get that lash look you want in a matter of seconds. All you do is line your lash line with either the Magnetic Eyeliner or Adhesive Liner, let it dry for up to a minute.  Then, you place the lash look you have chosen on top of your lash line where your liner is. Your lash will adhere into place instantly.

 The entire lash application process takes less than two minutes and can be done anywhere! If you are running late don't fret, you can apply them in the elevator, in your taxi or ride pick up, in the hotel lobby bathroom, etc. 

 How do you remove magnetic eyeliner?

The best way to remove your eyeliner is to use an oil-based make-up remover. It may seem a little stubborn at first, but we find that use the bamboo make-up remover pads with oil-based remover works really well. 

Slightly Wet your make-up remover pads with your make-up remover and place on the lash line hold it for about 30 seconds on each eye (imagine your at the spa with cucumbers). Once you have soaked it gently wipe it away.   

Can I wear mascara with Magnetic Eyelashes?

Yes, If you want to wear mascara, make sure to apply it first and allow your mascara to completely dry before you apply your lashes. Getting mascara onto your magnetic lashes will make them clumpy and difficult to make them last up to 35 wears! The best thing to do is to apply your mascara and allow it to dry along with your magnetic eyeliner. Once they are both completely dry, you are free to apply your lashes.  

 How many times can I re-use the Paul Rose Eyelashes ?

You can get up to 35 wears with proper use and cleaning care. 

Clean your lashes and lash band with the a cotton swab and some micellar water or make-up remover to remove it gently. If you get the micellar water onto the lash fibers make sure to dab them dry and not to pull on the lashes.

 Also, it's important to put your lashes back into the box they came in or a lash container for protection in between uses. This keeps them looking their absolute best and allows them to last longer. 

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